Toga Capital Sdn Bhd is founded by Michael Toh and focuses on R&D of Online Info Communication Technology and Information Technology. He has been putting effort to turn these technologies into operations of market value.

Michael Toh has years of experiences in business and market development. He has founded Gen Five Global, a telecommunication company that has been authorized to be a Celcom merchant which has 14 branches throughout Malaysia.

Furthermore, Michael Toh was an international distributor of Leroy International. He had helped Leroy International to achieve significant sales record and to establish franchise network within a very short time frame across several states in Malaysia.

Michael Toh was graduated from Multimedia University with distinction. His major was in Telecommunication of Electronic Engineering Programme. He had also won a scholarship award given by the General Electric Company (U.S.). Michael Toh believes that the key factor to success is to believe in own self.