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TogaChat’s mission is to provide an extremely secure messaging service. We care about users’ privacy which should greatly reduce the risk of data leakage. TogaChat is your best chatting partner in spite of which industry you are involve in. TogaChat offers users a safe and secured platform to disclose your messages.

Moreover, TogaChat has a series of coping strategy that prevent data from stealing. It is completely tailored for businessmen and senior managers in daily working communication. TogaChat has released a VIP Premium package to support the basic one which would cost a fee. TogaChat VIP Premium package was built based on the free APP Freemium package, it is specifically designed for high-end individuals. TogaChat has stepped into the market. It is an extremely simple app which allows the public to keep in touch instantly while securing your data and privacy at the same time. Its biggest selling point is about its unique functions. It supports burn after reading feature, therefore stimulates the communications among users. Users are able to transmit more courageous contents.

Inspired by the popular domestic meeting organization system, TogaChat has built the similar system for the platform, which helps the staffs to work together effectively, as well as reinforcing information exchange and internal communication. When social media tool equips with this system, it does not only strengthen connections within the organization, but also increase sensitivity of the organization towards transformation and demands.