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According to the market trend of social media, most of the people are keen for privacy and at the same time we hope to attract as many users as we can. Sadly enough, for many of the social media companies and due to the nature of the social media industry now, they are not making profits. However, Yippi operates reversely; its target markets are people from all walks of life in the world that fit their values and lifestyles. This does not only reduce a variety of the sustainable cost, but also able to become the first profitable system if this group of users is willing to pay for the service. You can own your Yippi VIP App by becoming a VIP Premium user.

Features of Yippi VIP Premium:
– Auto delete the message after reading
– Secret chat for VIP, all chat history will be deleted after the end the conversation
– Meeting function
– Can reject and accept advertisement freely
– Encrypted files and photos sharing
– Unlock activity app