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Toga Capital is beginning to make inroads to social media industry in 2016, welcoming the Big Data era, research and develop a social media platform, Toga Chat. TogaChat has forged a secured and safe platform which allows messaging to become simple, practical and secured. It also connects users from around the world. TogaChat will integrate resources to create a social media platform with unlimited possibilities for ventures.

Users are able to communicate, connect, and venture on this platform. TogaChat also provides White Label promotion program for agencies. The agencies can access to the advanced and intelligent social media software, which offer some of the latest and most advance functions include secured and encrypt messages, meetings and social software for corporations which will greatly help the agencies in gaining biggest business profit.

TogaChat integrates users’ data effectively, and provide professional information to different businessmen above the line and below the
line to create mutual benefit cooperation. TogaChat brings together different big brands create data resource, at the same time, each of them uses other parties’ brand image to attract more customers, which leads to win-win situation.